Duties of the Editor-in-Chief & the Editorial Board

  • Declare any conflicts of interest when a manuscript is received for possible publication in IJJA
  • Verify the suitability of the submitted manuscript for publication in the journal based on academic and scientific merits only.
  • Select expert peer-reviewers – specialized in the manuscript’s subject area who have no conflicts of interest and invite them to evaluate the submitted manuscript and provide their objective and justified recommendations.
  • Take extreme care to prevent any disclosure of any data about the submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers and editorial staff, as appropriate.
  • Make a final decision on accepting or rejecting the submitted manuscripts based on the comments and recommendations of the reviewers and communicate that decision to the authors and the reviewers.
  • Handle any conflicts, disputes and investigations if ethical misconduct has been reported or observed regarding a submitted manuscript, following the COPE guidelines on good publication practice.

Journal President: Dr. Wafaa Muhanna Mustafa, Jordan

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Abdelghanie Ennam, Morocco

Participating Editorial Board

Prof. Mohamed Hassan Daoud: Modern and Contemporary History, University of Genoa, Ital

Prof. muhammad Imad Radif: Contemporary History and Modern History, Tikrit University, Iraq

Prof. Sami Jallab Mansi Majali: Geography, University of Dhi Qar, Iraq

Dr. Abdelgadir Emhammed Salih Soliman: Literature and Criticism, Ain Shams University, Turkey

Dr. Aseel Abdul-Sattar Hajim: Modern and Contemporary History, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Manal Belhaza Al-Araibi: Plastic Arts, Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts, Tunisia

Dr. Loubna Belkheiri: Arabic Language and Literature, Language Teaching Associations, France

D.r Tebbouche Sabrina: Education Sciences, University of Constantine 2, Abdelhamid Mehri, Algeria

Dr. Hind Brigui: Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

Dr. Belabbes Nadia: Psychology, Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University, Mostaganem, Algeria

Dr. Suad Salem Muhammad Abu Saad: International Law, University of Tripoli, Libya

D.r Gamgani Fatma Zohra: Sociology of Education, Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

Dr. Boumahdi zineb: Philosophy, University of Mouloud Mammeri, Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

Dr. Abdul-Qadir Mhamad Saleh Mansour: Foundations of Education, University of Sirte, Libya

Dr. Benfardjallah Bakhta: Sociology – Demography, University of Hamma Lakhdar El Wadi , Algeri 

Dr. ahmad eabd alkarim hasan alrahil : Philosophy, Fundamentals of Education, Jerash University, Jordan.

Dr. Hamid Sfeih Ajrash Al-Rikabi: In Human Geography, University of Basra, Iraq.

Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Jabbar Lewis: Modern and Contemporary History, Ministry of Education, Iraq.

ISSN Online
2706 – 8455

IJJA is a Humanities and Social Sciences publishing journal committed towards providing a platform to outstanding scientists and researchers to exhibit their findings for the furtherance of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The International Jordanian Journal, Aryam Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IJJA) (ISSN print: 2710-3005), (ISSN Online: 2706 – 8455) welcomes high quality contributions investigating topics in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences (Communication Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Law, Education, Political Science, Sociology, Administrative Sciences, Social Work and many more) from theoretical, empirical and critical perspectives. The IJJA mainly favors original and articulate research papers, but theory-focused articles, book reviews and other scientific contributions are also welcome.