Interactive Mapping Arcgis Online Application an Applied Study of Fallujah in Iraq Assis
Author: Prof Hamid Ajrash , Assis Prof Ahmed Alkubaisi |Pages: 90-111|

Abstract: This paper presents a study on interactive mapping applications on the Internet through the Arc GIS online application) and how to set up an open-source database on a site that allows the display of data effectively to encourage the user to make a decision. Because of the importance of these maps at present, the paper focuses on introducing web maps in terms of their concept and types, with a view to presenting them to those interested. It is an attempt to present a scientific methodology for preparing a digital map of the city of Fallujah with an application on the (police district), because the leaf space is narrow, within the Arc GIS Desktop environment, aiming at: (1) introducing web maps and geographic information systems maps based on the web in a way my training. (2) Building a spatial database for the study area within the Arc GIS program, and it provides a methodology for designing an interactive digital map for urban land uses (educational, health, entertainment, service, etc.). (3) Using the Arc GIS online application, creating a site, creating web maps, how to access Arc GIS online can be used for free, and how to work with web maps. From here, the paper’s goal was to develop practical steps for preparing an interactive map by investing GIS applications in mapping.


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