Methods of Coping with Psychological Stress among University Students in Light of the Corona Pandemic
Author: D.r LAILA NAJM THAJEEL |Pages: 66-88|

Abstract: The aim of the current research is to reveal the methods that students use in facing psychological stress in light of the Corona pandemic. To achieve the objectives of the research, the scale of methods of coping with psychological stress resulting from the spread of the new Corona virus was applied, which the researcher built after verifying the indications of charity and stability on the study sample, which consisted of (300) female students from the kindergarten department at the University of Baghdad and Al-Mustansiriya University. To a number of results, including that the level of using methods of coping with stress among the students was average, and the results showed that the most used methods of facing psychological stress is the problem solving method, followed by the method of social support, avoiding confrontation, religious support, and finally emotional confrontation. The results of examining the differences between female students on the overall scale also indicated that there were no differences in the methods of coping with psychological stress due to the variable of the study stage, except for (the field of social support style) and in favor of the first stage. On the findings of the study.


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