The Role of Digital Applications (Youtube) in the Growth of the Linguistic Outcome of the Kindergarten Child from the Point of View of Teachers
Author: SHAHAD SAEEA ALMOSAED |Pages:35-65|

Abstract: The current study aims to recognize the role of digital applications (YouTube) in the growth of the linguistic toll of the kindergarten child from the point of view of kindergarten teachers. The study sample consisted of 177 teachers working in 89 Kindergarten in Al-Ahsa City. The study sample consisted of 26% of the indigenous community selected in a random manner. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the descriptive approach through the questionnaire tool and used the statistical program (SPSS) to analyze the data and extract the results. The results of the study for the first area: the role of digital applications (YouTube) in the child’s vocabulary gain showed that the responses of the parameters indicated that there was a positive trend towards the role of YouTube in the child’s vocabulary gain, and the results of the study for the second area showed: The role of digital applications (YouTube) in gaining the child sentences, compositions and expressive methods YouTube has helped parameters in gaining the child sentences and compositions by watching educational videos, and for the third area: s acquisition of the correct formats and structures, the study showed that a large proportion of children gained the right formats and structures from YouTube clips. In the light of the findings recommended by the researcher in the light of the study’s findings, the following recommendations were made: The need to make YouTube more effective in education, to take advantage of the huge stock of educational videos in various fields and topics, and to activate YouTube in language education in particular, given the availability of an enormous amount of videos that communicate the language in a fun and arduous manner for different stages of life and encourage school teaching staff to use YouTube in education in various subjects. Include links to educational videos on YouTube with materials and textbooks .


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