Jurisprudence rules and their impact on the jurisprudential graduation, according to the Maliki masters
Author: D.r YOUNES RIHANE |Pages: 12-33|

Abstract: The emergence of some trends that question the Islamic jurisprudential heritage, either in terms of its ability to keep pace with the times and its usefulness in public life, Or in terms of the inference of its branches and that jurisprudence was not based on legitimate evidence considered by scholars, he made such research a priority to clarify the mechanisms of ijtihad that distinguished the jurists of the schools in general and the jurists of the Maliki school in particular, through investing in jurisprudence rules and extracting them from what develops  The jurisprudential faculty and makes jurisprudence further from describing it as rigidity and imitation.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/6569022#.Yo5QMu5BziA

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