Implementation of jurisprudence rules for Moroccan scholar of Hadith Ibn al-Qattan al-Fassi as a model
Author: Dr. MOHAMMED SAHLI |Pages: 1-11|

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to show the interest of scholar of Hadith in jurisprudential rules in constructing jurisprudence issues, contrary to what may be thought that this is fot jurists in only.   To confirm the attention of Hadith scholars to jurisprudential rules, I will take one of the most famous Moroccan hadith scholars as a model, which is Al-Hafiz Abu Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Qattan Al-Fassi. Where I will highlight his interest in jurisprudential rules, and his work according to them in constructing jurisprudential issues.  Among those rules that Ibn al-Qattan employed by: the rule of” harm should be removed”, and the rule of” necessities permit prohibitions”, and the rule of” custom is considered” and other rules that will be explained in their place this research paper.


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