British politics And its role in the outbreak of World War II( 1933-1939 ) Documentary study
Author: Professore Mohamed Hassan Abdou Daoud |Pages:-151-185|

Abstract: The Second World War is one of the largest wars that occurred in modern history, which claimed the lives of millions, and with the participation of many countries in this war, but historians in general and Westerners in particular have become accustomed in their writings to lay the full responsibility for starting the war on Germany, accusing Hitler said that he had a desire to create a Nazi empire, and his ambitions were the main cause of the war. In this study, the researcher tries to shed light on the British policy that played a role in igniting this war in an attempt on its part to stop the communist expansion. In this study, the researcher followed the descriptive analytical method, and divided it into an introduction, seven main headings, and a conclusion.


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