The Eloquence of The Qur’anic Style in Presenting the Semi-Sentence with the Word God
Author: Dr. Abdelkarim Amin Mohamed Soliman |Pages: 97-125|

Abstract: The Qur’anic style is characterized by accuracy and beauty in its systems and in the selection of its vocabulary and structures, and the formation of its images, symbols and tone. Therefore, the miracle of the Qur’an does not stop at the meanings only, as some say, but the Qur’anic miracle is mixed with style and formulation as well. The words follow the meanings, and therefore any change in the order of the word orders is to serve the meaning and significance, and that this change and departure from the usual order is intended to achieve a specific meaning and deliver a specific indication to the recipient, and for this reason the books of interpretation and rhetoric, as well as grammarians, have been interested in studying every just and just. The most important of which is the door of introduction and delay due to its importance in achieving meaning, and the Qur’anic style has expanded in its use until it became one of the most prominent stylistic characteristics of the Qur’anic discourse. This study attempts to present one of the cases of introduction and delay, which is the presentation of the semi-sentence of the predicate of the predicate on the subject, and in a specific rhetorical topic, which is the Qur’an’s discourse on the word “God” that came in the place of a preposition of a predicate predicate on the subject in some places of the Qur’an that talk about The issue of monotheism and the divinity of the Creator – the Almighty – and the study relied on linguistic curricula in its presentation. The study came in an introduction and tow sections. The first dealt with the name of Majesty (God) a semi-sentence of a predicate predicate and a late subject (name), while the second dealt with the advent of the semi-sentenced name of Majesty (to God) a predicate of the general relative noun (ma) and (who).


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