The position of the Jordanian House of Representatives fourth of the Baghdad Pact in 1955
Author: Dr.Mohammed Emad Radeef Talib |Pages: 72-96|

Abstract: The fifties of the twentieth century saw Western efforts to link the Arab countries, including Jordan military Alliances to confront the Soviet Union and communism to ensure their dominance and control of the region, the Baghdad Pact is one of those alliances, it was thought that Jordan will be announced to join the alliance, especially since Jordan junk surrounded by resources from the west country enemy (Israeli) so were his attempts to enter the Baghdad Pact is to get economic gains primarily to ensure his permanence wheel the country, but the Council of the Fourth of Representatives its efficiency and with the help of the people of Jordan was able to thwart attempts to join Jordan to Baghdad Pact, and contributed to the overthrow four governments, and made the Jordanian government refuses entry to the Baghdad Pact.


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