The Fate of the Rights of the Stakeholders
Author: Dr. Dema Matruk Hunian Aloun |Pages: 1-17|

Abstract: The current study aimed at identifying the fate of the rights of the stealth. The debtor for payment and after a، excuses are directed to both creditor and holder. The results of the study also showed that the cleansing is legal and legal makes it easier to trade real estate through their reduction of mortgage weight and is limited to the right of the right of creditor to trace only in the foreclosure. In the light of the results، the Jordanian legislator research recommended that the legal period of the holder would be granted when he submits his presentation for the clearing of the mortgaged property and walking on the neglect of Egyptian and Iraqi legislator. And that the procedures for the purification of mortgaged money are subject to insurance and are organized through a law that is issued so so as not to strip the disinfection system from the creation of the Jordanian accelerator from the cleansing system is closer to the laws that did not take. The researcher also recommended that the Jordanian mortgage project gives the right to cleanse in the face of the mortgage.

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