Europe’s influence on the Arab and Islamic civilization Contributions of Islamic civilization to the rise of Europe in the Middle
Author: Dr. Ahmed Ali Boutta |Pages: 56-67|

Abstract: This is how Islamic influence reached Europe in the glow of its manifestations. Islamic civilization has shined in terms of knowledge, urbanism and art, and has impressed Europeans in general, and especially their leaders. These Christian worked hard to understand and transfer civilization and many of them got even to the point of mastering Arabic language and literatures. The qualitative addition, which Muslim Arabs brought to human civilization after absorbing what Greece, Persians, and others produced, inspired Europeans to translate the works and benefit from the large production of Muslim scholars. Andalusia and southern Italy were among the most active centers of knowledge transfer, as well as the bodies formed by the newly emerging countries in Western Europe, which are responsible for the orderly translation of all Arab-Islamic production.


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