Degree of the Impact of Teachers’ Participation in School Decision-Making on their Professional Performance in the Northeastern Badia Schools from their Point of View.
Author: Tayil Eanbar Aleizamat |Pages: 1-21|

Abstract: This study aimed at finding the degree of the impact of teachers’ participation in school decision-making on their professional performance in the Northeastern Badia schools from their point of view, , The study used the descriptive method, The study sample consisted of (300) male and female teachers, by using a questionnaire after assuring it’s validity and readability including (21) items distributed into four fields. The study results revealed that the degree of teachers’ participation for decision making in schools of Northeastern Badia schools came (medium). the degree of effectiveness of teachers’ participation in making school decisions to ensure the develop of their professional performance is (high) The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences between the averages of the estimates of the study sample in the degree of teachers’ participation for decision making due to variables of gender, educational qualification and experience in the tool. In the light of study results, the researcher suggests several recommendations, here the important ones: Encourage principals of schools to apply modern scientific methods in decision-making, and raise their participation in it. Adelegation of powers and responsibilities should be made to teachers in order to build confidence of the school administration that may positively affect their professional performance.


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