Introduction du numérique dans la petite enfance Enjeux et perspectives
Author: Dr. Ehsan Dahan |Pages: 53-61|

Abstract:    No one can deny that Information and Communication Technologies have given rise to much debate these days. They have become a necessity anchored in all sectors of activity, and more particularly the field of early childhood education which is of particular importance. Because this pivotal phase is characterized by a multitude of physical and moral transformations. It is during this period that basic functions develop and the child acquires various skills. By introducing digital educational activities, it stimulates the child’s brain and allows it to develop in a timely and supportive environment. The objective of this research is to collect the representations of educators in relation to the introduction of digital in educational activities in two pilot schools within the Moroccan Foundation for the Promotion of Preschool Education (FMPS) in Morocco, and having benefited from the FMPS DIGITAL program. The corpus we submitted for analysis covers a sample of 20 educators. Data collection was carried out using a semi structured interview. The results showed that the experience is not without risks, but however the interviewees still seem passionate about this fruitful experience. But still, they need an extensive training and the right educational support.


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