The Silk Road and Chinese Economic Diplomacy
Author: Samer Muhammad Al-Hajjat |Pages 1-20|

Abstract: This study comes mainly to examine the nature of Silk Road diplomacy, which has become an economic diplomacy for China through which it seeks for global economic expansion, assuming that its global economic expansion, by linking international economies, to the Belt and Road Initiative, will allow China in the future, Possibilities of working on changing the structure of the international system in terms of its polarity, and moving it from a state of uni polarity to a state of multi polarity. In the context of our endeavor to discuss the diplomacy of the Silk Road, we have tried to address the historical development of this road, its contemporary connotations and objectives, and how China transformed the Silk Road into economic diplomacy in the context of its quest for global advancement and transformation into one of the most prominent forces at the international level. The study found that China has worked on This is through its focus on the need for peaceful expansion, and through financing and investment tools in infrastructure to link global economies with their local economy.


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