Digitizing culture: a sociocultural reading.
Author: Dr. Manal Boutaleb |Pages:96-107|

Abstract: Culture is an essential resource for the development of human capacities, as it expands its horizons and enriches its earnings, knowledge and experiences. The media and communication have now played a major role in the dissemination of culture and the dissemination of its systems, thanks to the tools and means provided by technology, which has led to the so-called digital culture.  This development has produced a range of emerging concepts and created a conflict or transcending old concepts and some elements of local and traditional culture. This is what has brought about transformations that have had repercussions through many cultural and social phenomena, where the institutions of society interacted and were affected by these transformations, especially the family.  This study raises and seeks to introduce a set of concepts that have begun to be used to spread in Arab scientific and cultural platforms. Through her specialization in computer science and media, the researcher seeks to link this specialization to the field of cultural sciences, which has known its way to it in the developed world for years.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/5559432#.Yg9Q44hBzic

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