Evaluation of the International License Training Program Qur’an
Author: Dr. Manar Yusif Saeid Kutah |Pages: 73-95|

Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the International Computer Driving License program (ICDL) based on the Kirkpatrick model in Al-Qweismeh directorate’s schools. The evaluation detects the level of the teachers’ satisfaction from the International Computer Driving License program (ICDL) and its activities, and how much the skills and the acquisitive knowledge of the training program are applied by the teachers in their workplaces. The target population is the teachers who got the International Computer Driving License between the years (2011-2016) in Al-Qeismeh’s public schools, with total number of (1245). Also, it includes (100) school principals. The sample of the study consisted of (256) teachers and (15) principals; they have been chosen randomly. To fulfill the study’s goals and answering its questions, a mixed descriptive and qualitative approach is applied by spreading a questionnaire and making an interview which both served as means to gather information. After conducting the procedure of analyzing the study’s data and questions, it was clear that the aim behind getting a certificate is to get the salary’s increment and the special hierarchy in the career ladder. Also, the results of analyzing the marks of the teachers who passed all the 7 exams of the program (the International Computer Driving License) have shown that teachers got the best marks in the Introduction to Information Technology, then comes Using Computer and Managing Files. In the third place is the subject of Information and Communication; then the subject of Word Processor.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/5546266#.Yg9QqYhBzic

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