Cartographic generalization of the urban transport network in Nasiriyah city on the map 40000:1
Author: Dr. Wissam Hammoud Hashush Al-Fatlawi |Pages : 13-1|

Abstract: The study aimed at a model of generalization cartographic models to represent the urban transport network in the city of Nasiriya located in southern Iraq and astronomically between latitude (0″ 0′ 31°) and (0″  6′ 31°) north, and two longitudes (0″ 14′ 46°) and (0″ 20′ 46°) in the east, and accordingly the elements of generalization elements such as simplification, aggregation, reduction, exaggeration, displacement, smoothing, classification and coding, and clarification of the role of each of them in spreading the urban transport network in the city of Nasiriyah, and also be more influential in popularizing the dissemination of landmarks Linear.

The study was based on the cartographic and inductive approach, as the quantitative cartographic generalization was applied using the (Topfer & Pillewizer) numerical equation on 70% of the source image features, as well as the qualitative cartographic generalization was applied in the selection, display and displacement processes based on the importance of the phenomenon studied.

The study found a number of the most important of which is that the generalization cartographic process is an important and inevitable process when producing a new map, based on data on larger maps or based on field data or from remote sensing data.


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