The World Bank and its political role in its lending policy
Author: Dr. Ezz El-Din Ahmed Mohamed Al-Hajjaj |Pages: 123-150|

Abstract : This study sheds light on the role of the World Bank and the stages from which it started in its lending policies with clarification of the role of the World Bank’s structures, its objectives, its regulatory mechanism, resources, quotas, voting power, decision-making mechanism, project financing stages, the importance of the relationship between the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as well as the relationship Between the World Bank and the World Trade Organization and the political role of international financial institutions.The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development was established within the arrangements of Bretton Woods and a project for its establishment was agreed upon in 1944, and it began its work in 1946 in Savannah, Georgia, USA, to be the first global economic institution to finance economic development. Whereas the World Bank focuses on the long period, but for structural adjustment processes it is required that this be preceded by the stabilization phase i.e. reducing inflation, reducing the budget deficit and correcting the exchange rate in order for structural adjustment processes to succeed in the medium and long term to contribute to the development of countries destroyed by the Second World War or whose economy suffers From recession, therefore, his activities focused in the early stages on the European developed countries to contribute to rebuilding their economy, and in the reconstruction and construction processes, thus becoming a major institution for a global government responsible for managing the international financial system, which is concerned with the implementation of economic policies that ensure the economic development of member states by providing long loans Term to encourage the movement of international investments.

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