The fashion and clothing model in the Abbasid society during the second and third centuries AH
Author: Dr. Salwa Tidjani Fadl Jabrallah, Dr. Abu Bakr Ali Mustafa Jalaluddin |Pages: 106-122|

Abstract This study traced the style and forms of fashion and clothing in the Abbasid society during the second and third centuries AH,  the study aims to show the disparity in clothing between the classes of Abbasid society, where the caliphs, ministers and leaders wore the most sophisticated clothes and the role of the model was sponsored by them, and their official uniforms differed from the clothes of their own councils Where each occasion has its own uniform, and the successors of the Banu al-Abbas were interested in fashion and the gaining of luxurious clothes, and they imitated the Persian kings from Persia, so people followed them and were affected by them, in addition to the fact that the clothes covered  all parts of body such as turbans, hoods, body covers, footwear, and others.


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