Analyzing the urban environment of the city of Al-Shatrah, southern Iraq, using the method of factor analysis and prediction models
Author: Dr. Sumiea challab Mansi Sahlanee, Sajid Ahmad Alaboudi |Pages: 57-84|

Abstract: The city consists of (land, population, and services) that interact with each other, and this interaction creates a state of complexity and overlap between its components, and in light of this it is necessary to pay attention to city services in general and solid waste disposal services in particular, because they are the basis of urban growth (population and urban). The research relied on the quantitative nature in analyzing the solid waste disposal indicator in the city of AlGharaf according to some objective and impressionistic indicators. In order to promote the city’s service reality and its development in a way that achieves the well-being of its residents, according to the map of the sectoral classification of the city’s residential neighborhoods. The MAP GIS v 10.4 program was used to represent the data by cartography. The research was based on the field study, as (2503) questionnaire forms were distributed, with a sample size ratio of (0.30) on the basis of the number of dwellings of (8338) dwellings for the year 2019, and the (SPSS V27) program was used for the purpose of entering, organizing, summarizing and extracting the intersecting tables, as well as For personal interviews and scientific observations The research found a set of results, the most prominent of which was the low level of municipal services indicators for waste disposal in general, and the municipal services were unable to meet the current needs of the city and will be powerless in the future if the situation continues as it is now, as expectations indicated that in 2035 the city is heading towards an imbalance and deficit in equipping the city The number of compressors, their insufficiency, as well as the problem of accumulation of waste, leading to a set of conclusions and recommendations.


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