Observatories in the Ottoman Empire
Author: Dr. Amani Jafar Al-Ghazi |Pages: 33-56|

Abstract The astrologer in the Ottoman Empire was called a “mine” relative to the “star” and the head of the astrologers as a scientific body in the bureaucratic system called the “Bashi Mine” , Although there is no specific date for the beginning of the founding of the Astrology Foundation in the Ottoman Empire, it is known that astrology activity has existed since ancient times and has a great influence on society and the state, some scholars of the Islamic State and a speciality in the Ottoman era have built their own observatories, by which they followed the movement of planets and stars, and recorded their observations with scientific accuracy that made them later references to European and Western scientists, where most scientists relied on astronomical research carried out by the Arab and Islamic astronomical observatories very close to Recent discoveries, from this point of view, came the title of the research b (Observatories in the Ottoman Empire) to show the most prominent observatories in the Ottoman Empire.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/4633151#.Yg9DHIhBzic

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