Quantitative Variation of Health Services in Babil Governorate for the Period (2004-2016)
Author: Dr. Tahseen Jasim Shannan |Pages 89-99|

Abstract: The aim of the research is to find out the extent of the spatial distribution of health services in Babil governorate based on the health indicators of that governorate compared to the general indicators of the whole of Iraq using a set of sports laws that show the efficiency or weakness of these health services. The future of those services, which gives a clear perception of the spatial redistribution of the facilities of those services after coordination between service indicators for the province of Babylon and the general indicators of Iraq for the purpose of providing services efficiently. The most important indicators relied on are (doctors, The results of the study reached a number of conclusions, including the weakness of the health indicators of Babil Governorate during the years 2004-2006-2013-2016 compared to the general index of Iraq , And there is no trend in improving the health services for the years following the governorate. The trend is negative by the decline of these indicators, as well as the absence of a good policy in planning the construction of these facilities and distribution according to the approved standards.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/4637052#.Yg5RuYhBzic

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