The Italian Occupation of Libya and the National Struggle (1914-1918)
Author: Dr. Rabha Muhammad Khudair Issa Al-Jubouri |Pages : 31-46|

Abstract: The colonial tide peaked in the 19th century, and the European countries began to struggle over the zones of influence and extended their arms to cut off parts of the Ottoman Empire, and this colonial tide began in Northwest Africa, with France occupation of Algeria in 1830, then occupation of Tunisia in 1881, while Britain occupied Egypt in 1882,  which provoked the feeling of colonialism among Italians, and they wanted to have a colonial area like other major powers,  and Italy felt that their power was not complete except by acquiring the colonies,  so they began to plan for this and Libya of the Ottoman Empire became its desired hope , and then explained its colonial reality by invading Libya militarily in 1911, and the Libyans who fought with their simple arms and equipment, The Libyan people resisted the Italian occupation forces since the beginning of the invasion, When the First World War took place in 1914, Italy joined (Britain and France), known as the Allied Front,  which was an opportunity for the leaders of the Libyan national struggle to launch strong strikes against the occupying Italians, especially as they were preoccupied with this war, so the military and political situation in Libya changed in favor of the Libyan resistance .


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