Evaluation of the Performance of English Teachers in the Secondary Stage in View of Marazano Evaluation Model and its Relation to Some Variables
Author: Dr. Wafa Muhana al-jradean |Pages: 25-37|

Abstract: The present period is identified with knowledge expansion and information upheaval, which consequently put new responsibilities in the education system that must be in charge with preparing qualified individuals having the ability to fulfil the technical and cognitive requirements. Teachers are one of the important elements of accomplishing the goals of the educational system since they actually implement the educational policies in society. Moreover, they hold the obligations of transforming values, standards, and general purposes of behavioural processes encompassing the necessary steps for preparing new educated generations. Thus, the educational system is preoccupied with the proficiency of the teacher, his skills, capacities, leadership, and professional level in teaching, as well as his abilities and qualifications enabling him to carry out all the required obligations in his career.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/4635975#.YgLby5ZBzic

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