The Effect of a Treatment Program in Reducing Language Disorders in a Second-Grade Student
Author: Dr. Farhan Mohammed Saeed Al-Yasjin |Pages: 69-83|

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of the program on the treatment of the case of a student in the second grade of Khadija Bint Khuwailad School. I noticed his condition while I was observing observations and applied my class. When I asked him about his teacher, she told me that the student suffers from slow reading. , bad hand script , reflecting letters, weak in spelling words, weak in reading, slow speech, delayed in response and writes from left to right, quiet, friendly, lovable by students but he has no social relationships, unsure of himself and hesitant,  he was transferred to the resources room in Khadija School to diagnose his condition according  to the request from his second-grade teacher to identify the student’s problem, to identify language skills and linguistic weakness, and to develop a remedial program to help him improve his academic performance, strengthen his self-confidence, and improve his social relationship with his colleagues. With the educational program offered to the student and the use of alternatives appropriate to the level of difficulty that he suffered from in addition to all aspects of the student, psychological, social, educational, cognitive and linguistic, there has been a clear improvement and markedly to the situation and became almost at the level of class.


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