Imam Jabir bin Zaid and his Role in Establishing the Ibadi School of Thought
Author: Dr. Saden Ali Saleh Kribat |Pages: 33-44|

Abstract: This article seeks to study a very important historical stage in Mauritanian history, which has been a subject of controversy and study among researchers and scholars of different backgrounds and the multiplicity of their ideas. Therefore, this article presents a new vision of colonialism through Nuazel texts with different orientations and diligent visions about the colonial phenomenon and the limits of dealing with the French and the options available in this direction, in a country that did not know any unifying authority for the people of the field except for the Almoravid state in the fifth century AH. In general, we wanted to present these texts without prejudice or projections that may be outside the text, or to understand the conditions with a view that goes beyond reality in its analyzes and conclusions about the authoritarian imagination and dealing with colonialism in an understanding that is not devoid of realistic and diligent approaches that look at the various contexts, no matter how many or different.


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