The Bearer of the Diplomatic Portfolio and his Immunities in International Law
Author: Dr. Khaled Abdel Qader Mansour Al-Toumi |Pages: 21-32|

Abstract: This study is based on presenting three main topics, and each topic has its demands. With the methodology of rooting for the subject of the study; Taking into account the analysis of the status of holders of diplomatic bags, which is considered one of the most important means of communication that may be used in diplomatic correspondence, and usually a bearer accompanies the diplomatic bag, however, diplomatic communication is the primary means that enables the diplomatic mission to perform its tasks, as well Consulates that are located in the territory of the accredited country, which allows him to communicate freely in general for all official purposes in diplomatic work with any party whatsoever; This prompted us to discuss these legal privileges and immunities, which will be clarified through: what is diplomatic immunity, the legal basis for the diplomatic bag holder, and the legal status of the diplomatic bag holder.


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