Social Development for Habermas and his Outlook to the Future
Author: Dr. Hamza Jaber Sultan ,Dr. Bid Daoud Salman |Pages: 1-8|

Abstract: The research focuses on the effect of social development on communication process. The topic is tremendously important because it influences the lives of the communities in different sciences and arts. Hence, it affects the future and changes many of the concepts, views and thoughts of new generations. Thus, it leads to new ways of thinking in science, literature and art in addition to its impact upon the nature of human behavior, whether positively or negatively, and cultural and social development.  Scientific development happens in the change of the old prevalent view into a more logical concept that depends on real knowledge, especially when dealing with magic or sorcery. Literature and art affect Habermas Ian social development in presenting the negative sides of the society in an easy criticism that reflects the actual life of the public. It motivates supports and activates the positive aspects of the society to serve that society.


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