The Political and Military Struggle Between the Germanic Inhabitants of the Libyan Desert “and the Romans from the end of the first century BC to the end of the second century AD” Through Literary Sources and Archaeological Remains
Author: Dr. Fatima Salem Omar Al-Aqili |Pages: 114-133|

Abstract: This research deals with the political and military conflict that took place between the Garamant tribes in the Libyan desert with the Romans, after the Roman control of Carthage, and its transformation into a Roman state under the name of the Wilayat of Africa. They were a major source for bringing Central African commodities to their markets.  This research deals with the relations that linked the Garamites with the Romans, and the political approach adopted by them to resist the Roman presence, prevent its access to their homeland, and try to impose its influence on them, leading to the military clash between the two parties. For their authority, leading to the stage of peace between the two parties, which was directed by the support of the Germans for a Roman campaign, which aimed to reach the shores of Lake Chad, and with the strong flow of Germanic trade goods, to the markets of the three cities, all the way to Rome.


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