The Trip of Czech wandering “Alios Mosil” in the Semi Deserts and the Deserts if the Arabian East 1896-1915
Author: Dr. Issa Fadel Nazal Al-Shammari |Pages: 103-113|

Abstract: After learning Arabic and reading Arabic, Alois Mosil studied the historical writings of the history, civilization and geography of the Levant. He began his journey in 1896, and there he learned about the inhabitants of the region, especially the Bedouins and especially the Arabs of (Rwela) whom Mosil belongs to, But Mosil was not in a specific place, as soon as the search was finished and the investigation in one place moved to the other, each document was recorded in a specific way, For example, he has identified the Arab tribes, riverbeds, which he read about what disappeared from them and what remained, as well as the identification of some historical monuments that disappeared or almost disappeared by erosion, To be presented through seven books served Scientific great for those interested in the history, culture and geography of the Levant, and Mosil presented his idea of hug volumes written in two languages (German and Arabic) and in a manner critical and analytical.


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