The Role of Arab and International Health Conferences and Conventions in Consolidating the Health Conditions in Iraq, 1958-1968
Author: Dr. Nadia Masoud Sharif |Pages 1-10|

Abstract: Health conferences and conventions have played a role in serving health conditions, since medicine is a humanitarian act related to the lives of the population in general. Therefore, Iraq participated in a number of medical conferences for the purpose of knowing the developments taking place in the field of medicine, and developing the expertise of Iraqi doctors after learning about Arab and international experiences, and the latest developments in the field of medicine, eliminating diseases, and accordingly Iraq participated in medical and Arab conferences after forming a permanent health committee affiliated with of the League of Arab States according to Resolution No. 12 of the League of Arab States Council issued on November 12, 1945, and the Health Department of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States was formed on September 19, 1991. As it was entrusted with the task of preparing conferences of Arab health ministers, participating in the study of health and medical affairs in the Arab countries, as well as supervising the organization of conferences of the Arab Doctors and Pharmacists Unions.


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