Employing the Characters of the Miraculous Thousand and One Nights in the Arabic novel
Author: Dr. Sarwa Younis Ahmed |Pages: 85-102|

Abstract: Al-Ajibi has a presence in modern Arabic literature, especially the novel. It has been employed in many fictional texts in different forms, especially since they have benefited from the Arab heritage, including what is important to us. It is an element or structure in the novel, and the heritage fuses with the techniques of the novel in order to produce a new method in dealing with a new vision of the world and is linked to the past, the supernatural, dignities and miracles, and the writer, with this employment, works on renewal and reversal of the traditional form and the search for new laws concerned with an irregular, wondrous world that excites the recipient, and we must From addressing the concept of the miraculous despite the large number of studies that dealt with this concept linguistically and idiomatically, in order to reach an understanding of the nature of the employment achieved by the three novelists, Naguib Mahfouz, Hani Al-Raheb, and Wasini Al-Araj.

DOI: https://zenodo.org/record/4636814#.Yg40q4hBzic

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