Desert Space in the Poetry of Abi Kharash Al-Hudhali
Author: Dr. Jumana Muhammad Nayef Al-Dulaimi |Pages: 61-74|

Abstract: The desert as a spatial, temporal or symbolic component, but visibility varies according to the emotional state woven by the human experience, giving each experience a special presence and a picture different from those of the discoverers are mine, and for travellers and traders crossing. As well as poets, each poet has his own experience in the desert. The Tramps and Hathi lid poets stand at the forefront of the poets whose poetry has many images of the desert. The Sahara is a great architectural building, whose strangeness gives it privacy and uniqueness, shaped and organized by each poet differently through the linguistic structures that are available from the language container in what he sees fit to complete this construction according to his vision. The reader through it to the existing spaces reality or imagined sought by the sender. A symbolic or mythical space can be formed, turning into multiple worlds that converge or diverge, sometimes complementing each other.


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