The desert between past and modernity (the UAE as a model)
Author: Dr. Manal Dawood Musa |Pages: 24-37|

Abstract: History is civilization in one of its meanings, so history and civilization are synonymous and carry one meaning. by geography. There is no doubt that the environment plays an important role as one of the basic capabilities and factors in life, especially a key factor in the establishment of any civilization, including the desert, as the oldest civilizations had arisen from the heart of the desert. Hence, I tried to review in this research the great role that the desert played throughout history, and the impact it played in the establishment of civilizations and states at the present time, and from here I took the United Arab Emirates in this research as a model and an example that had risen and arose from the heart of the desert. She dealt with her upbringing and benefited from the desert data as a lesson of originality, values and morals. And how was it able to establish a civilized and prosperous country from the heart of the desert, keeping pace with its development and reconstruction of the latest achievements in the world, and at the same time preserving its culture, the ancient Arab originality, and the authentic desert features that it imbibed.


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