Daylam Soldiers and the Turks and their Political Struggle in the Buyid Era (334-447 A.H / 945-1055 A.D.)
Author: Dr. Omar Ahmed Saeed |Pages: 1-23|

Abstract: The soldiers, because of the scarcity of livelihoods and salaries, were in a permanent declaration of riots against the caliphs, the Buyid princes, their ministers, and even against their leaders due to the severity of financial hardship and the high prices, then their riots stopped by distributing money to them. The conflict also took place between the soldiers themselves, especially between the Daylamites and the Turks, who were considered two prominent elements in the Buyid army. The princes themselves paid the price for this policy, as their army was weak and could not withstand the real challenges facing the state. The research section includes a preface and three chapters. The preamble included the emergence of the Buyid era. The first topic included the struggle of the political army with the caliphs. The second topic dealt with the struggle of the political army with the Buyid princes. The third topic included the struggle between the soldiers among themselves.


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