The Zangid and Ayyubid Military Elite in the Levant
Author: Dr. Sajaa Misheal Rashid |Pages: 43-50|

Abstract: The Crusader invasion and occupation in the Levant created a new reality represented by the establishment of strange and hostile political entities whose main goal is to wage wars against Muslims and seek to occupy more of their lands, and the continuous agreement of the European fighters to participate in these operations. This constant and imminent danger necessitated social and political changes in the region, including the emergence of ruling regimes whose main priorities were to defend the remaining regions in the hands of Muslims, such as Damascus and Aleppo, and then strive to liberate the occupied lands. The decision to make them struggle with the crusaders in the highest degrees of their caste. And it came directly after the ruling families in the societal arrangement. In this research, we will deal with the emergence of this military class and the nature of the development of its influence in the Zangid and Ayyubid states in the Levant, and the main positions it held and which emerged at this stage, as a result of the Islamic-Crusader conflict. In addition to the political roles it played in the Levant, whether in the jihad against the Crusaders or within Islamic-Islamic relations.


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