Economic Crises and their Negative Effects on Social Life in the Levant from the Sixth Century Until the End of the Eighth Century AH / Eleventh Century Until the End of the Fourteenth Century AD.
Author: Dr. Qais Fathy Ahmed |Pages: 28-42|

Abstract :  The Levant has been subjected to many economic crises that have had a great impact on the whole of people’s lives, those crises that were talked about by the history books gave an accurate description of what suffered and suffered from it by different segments of society, and the great revenge it left on society from the destruction and destruction of that society, and it touched on Research into the causes of those economic needs and their negative effects, which were due to natural factors such as drought, drought and floods, or that accompanied the spread of epidemics and various diseases, or the economic imperatives that the human factor caused to highlight and reflected on people’s lives by oppression Injustice and the din of living, such as political chaos, wars, conflicts and other causes that have affected people, especially the poor, have been the most severely affected by the hunger, displacement and death of many of them. This research tried to shed light on the results of these crises and show the great impact it has had on people’s lives in various aspects of their lives, using the information provided by historical sources about these crises and their various effects on society in the Levant.


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